Zong 1st yr., HARP

1st yr., HARP

Beneath the ancestral waters lie scattered paths of African bones, marking the various routes from Africa to the New World. In 1781, the crew on an English slave ship named Zong threw 132 Africans overboard alive. Inspired by this true story, ZONG incorporates dance, costumes, and original music to tell the story of the Black Atlantic - home to luminous, water-breathing creatures, whose need for each other creates a society where everything is possible.

Conceived by: Kimberly Mayhorn
Choreography: Lowell D. Smith
Set design: Kimberly Mayhorn
Length: 10 minutes
Performers: Aleijuan King, Andrienne Lowey, Maine
Development: HERE Artist-in-Residence Program (HARP), 2005 / 1ST year