Zong 2nd yr., HARP

2nd yr., HARP

ZONG is the story of homage, celebration and an acknowledgement of the interconnectedness, history, transformation, and perseverance of survivors of the middle passage.

Part I: Ancestral spirits dance

Part II: Feeding of the Ocean - Olokun ritual offering

Part III: Black Atlantic - aquatic environment inhabited by bio-luminous creatures and African slaves thrown overboard bound for America.

Conceived and Directed by Kimberly Mayhorn
Choreographer: Shalewa Mackall
Music/Original Score: Part I & II: Daniel Givens; Part III: Marc Cary
Performed by: Aisha Domingue, Anna Francis, Novella Francis, Orion Gordon, JoiLynn,
Baraka de Soleil
Costume/Headdresses: Stacy Scibelli
Length: 15 minutes

Development: HERE Artist-in-Residence Program (HARP), 2006 / 2nd year